Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today morning I was reading post by some so called underground hacker ;( I don’t know why they are called underground when they are very well living on this earth and that to enjoying the daylight, food, woman,wine and perhaps wealth. They may not be even aware what is burning under their buttocks. But yes they decide the good, bad and ugly. I am sure if they stand in front of mirror and look at their frustrated face they will for sure hate themselves JAnyways the post was about Ankit Fadia, his books and my blog and how the content was taken from different sources. Poor guys, god knows what they are trying to show, but let me tell you one thing here, whatever we speak, write, or vision for, is definitely a creation or expression of someone on this earth. Even you, your birth, your existence is out of some one. What are original are the additions to the existing content of subject.

Today I am writing this tomorrow someone may have some different expressions on this article and if she or he modifies it then what is wrong in it? More over who the hell are you to decide right or wrong. You will be remaining anonymous in dark world with your evil intentions but how does it make difference to Ankit Fadia’s life or my life or any one for that matter?They all are achievers, they succeeded in their life, they are happy and acknowledged by people. For me controversy is boon. I and controversy go hand in hand. If there is no controversy, people think I am dead. There are many such successful and popular people amongst us, they are widely abused, hated, and attacked by critics. We the Indians living in democratic country, always misuse our freedom of speech and expressions. We want our country to progress and go ahead but at the same time we are jealous of others growth, success and popularity so much so we go to any extent to tarnish some ones image by taking undue advantage of our freedom. We start taking things in our hand to decide fate of other person. Why?

Actually empty vassals make lods of noise.

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