Thursday, May 19, 2011

L33t hacker's little mind and l33ding nuisance

Hello all....

Indian l33ts message to hackers to unite -

the message for Ankit fadia about his copy pasting was copied from various sources like,

you pick up each sentence of that message and put in search engine and see how they copied each line from different places. A group of four stupid losers, who flopped in their life, landed frustrated by attacking all famous people of India. Poor losers in-spite of such cheap attempts couldn’t gather mush publicity for them self. Infact now everyone is spitting on them. Unfortunately one of them was suppose to design my unite hacker’s site but when we realized about his illicit intentions we kicked him out of the project and thus the war began.

My dear l33t lichads try to give credits to your line by line message. Even your name is not original. Now whom are you planning to give credit for stealing the name l33t?
Look at Cat Techie how original it is, becuase this is my brain child, not stolen ot copied as l33t:P

It’s not about Denouncements-

It's about sending a message

Proof of the above mentioned plagiarisms › ... › Internet › Blogging › Other Blogging Info

The above are just few examples; the message is copied word by word and sentence by sentence. From thousands of sites to create one stupid message and then too it’s full of errors. L33t lam3rs blot on hacker’s community. If you have guts to come face to face, then please come out of that so called underground fobia and blow the ‘bigul’ and announce crusade.

Look at the Anonymous Group, their standard their way of operating, they never go against any individual or organization; they fight for common man against the system. Look at Anti-sec they don’t write messages or have no FB profile or no pastebin business, they do their job and just remain quite. Because they are not publicity greedy dogs, they are hacker and have ethics, you are not even worth calling a hacker, none of you have written any exploits, or created any tools or made any difference to cyber world. You are just using available exploits and hacking sites. What happened to Appin? They prospered more, after this recent defacement they got 34% more business, more students in strength. Ankit Fadia became hero, and your these cheap traits may not be even bothering him, I am sure he must be taking it as a joke. You are making fool of yourself. Look at me coming in odd world created my bench mark, cat- techie public pages thousands of likes, profile more than 5000 friends, groups over loaded, pages n number I don’t even know who’s created them.

Even you goons are in my friend list. It’s you who made me famous and its they who loved me and made be prosper and big. It’s their support made me strong, it’s your atrocity made me fight with even more determination, you both the side are of Hackers, the only difference is Good and Bad . Earlier Hacker5 was printed just 5000 copies now it’s three times, out of which 7000 are just subscribers. They are wiser than you and educated also, they are the upper crust of IT industry. Who cares what you say? Don’t try to become lord Falkland. Please understand you have limit to what you are doing because you are not what you are pretending to be. You cannot snatch the morsel from my mouth and eat it all. You cannot stop Ankit Fadia growing and Appin prospering. You just can’t do anything. I never knew you that you people are at such a sorry stage that you don’t even possess an average brains. Please treasure your limited edition knowledge for your own benefit. Or become bigger than Ankit Fadia, me or Appin..I know you can’t, because those who dream for big can never fall on such cheap level.

Few days back I saw a post by some hacker who was accusing me for my articles and posts on Hacker5 as well as for my blog They were claiming that all my work is a copy paste work and for the same they have provided some links also. These people really make me laugh out loud. I really get surprised when I see that how idiot and silly some people can be and the worst part is if you go to them to make them realize there silly mistakes, they are not ready to even take that advice. Poor frustrated and jealous souls, may god bless them. Internet is the biggest resource of information and knowledge. Whatever you want to learn or read or do research, each and every single details are available online, all you need is just a little time and dedication to look out for the right places for the right resources. The problem with today’s world is that the life of everyone is so busy that it’s not possible for a lot of enthu learners to dedicate certain amount of time and energy for searching and sorting out the data. I as a blogger, as an editor, as an author and as well as a learner believe in the easy availability and accessibility of information. All my work, be it electronic or print has never come anywhere without mentioning the original source and owner of the material. Moreover the concept of idea can’t be processed by any individual, the person who gave birth to an idea can’t claim that the idea belongs to just him and can’t be used or modified or elaborated by anyone else. And as long as you are giving the proper credentials I don’t see anything wrong in taking that idea. It’s a simple concept that why to reinvent the wheel? Sad, that these so called and self proclaimed guardians and moral custodians of internet don’t have this much of IQ.

I am here to share and learn whatever stuffs I have on my blog, I am not earning a single rupee out of that, so I don’t understand the actual problem of these moral custodians with my blog. Whatever I post there, I do it by the request of my readers and followers and I do it for them only. I never go and say that come and see my blog or come and visit my blog, everyone is free and they have the freedom to go anywhere and read anything they want to, if you have any problem with my blog, no one is forcing you to come to it, you are free to go to wherever you want to go. Why to make so many hue and cries over this? My work is just for my readers and my friends and I will continue doing my work for them, those who have problem are most welcome to go to any other place where they are comfortable.

any ways the IP of one of one of the l33t is :P save your own ass first, and then bark at others.

Try some other gimmicks guys, this won’t pay you much …

all the original l33t hackers please forgive me,this is for my indians l33t idiots.

"If you don’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep."

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