Friday, May 6, 2011

darkc0de back in action

As you all know I am doing research on l33t hackers, I just chase them, not for any bad reasons but yes they fascinate me. I can say I am in love with them. Oh! The lethal group, darkc0de came back in action. AS usual d3hydr8 surprised me by coming in news with something surprising big. This is what we all know him for. Some of the oldest member of darkc0de are d3hydr8, beenu, sin33r,baltazar, r45c4l, p47r1ck, rausron, j4ck h4ck3r. The team of darkc0de was famous and known all over the underground communities for their codes and mastery in SQL Injection. The team had hacked some of the biggest sites like ESET, Kaspersky, Various NASA domains, PayPal etc etc. The famous Face book hack, the credit of which inj3ct0rs are claiming is originally the work of darkc0de guys only. And if I am not wrong it was done by p47r1ck. The codes which these guys have written are now used at many places like a very famous tool by beenu “Malware Analyser”. There is one more code which is included in bt4 also “Joomscan” was originally made by beenu and rsauron. They were the damn good coder, python lover and a master of SQL Inj.

Since so long I am here; there was a lode of disagreement from various hackers. They never liked me doing research on them, but unfortunately that disagreement came from all defacers, who are not even worth calling hackers. I used to think that a real hacker loves anonymity, and does his work quite silently.

The hackers on facebook compelled me to change the mind set. They are self boasting, abusive, self promoters, snobbish and superficial. There are hundreds of groups amongst themselves. Jealous and ego is the biggest irony amongst these people.the passion for hacking,coding,exploite writing is almost dead. they feel great just by defacing the sites and attacking the santity of some innocent.

There were quite a few groups like inj3ct0rs, ICW, PCA, darkc0de, snake and recently antisec, anonymous has depth in them. I keep on digging about them; unfortunately these real heroes are lost somewhere.

The best part of the darkc0de was truly a team of real time hackers from all over the world, India, US, Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, UK, China, Turkey, KSA and many more places. Most of the hackers were from middle class family and most of the time they had to support themselves as well as their family too.

There was a time the group called antisec created deterrence amongst hackers and dominated many such groups like daekc0de, milw0rm and inj3ct0rs. During that period even darkc0de was also one of their prime targets. The reason for rivalry was the hackers and exploit writers. Their exploits used to be published over milw0rm. On an average every day at least an exploit used to come over milw0rm by the darkc0de members. One more reason why antisec was against darkc0de was the tools and codes written by the darkc0de team.

But the best part was that darkc0de developed very good relations with almost all the other active forums and groups and they all used to support these guys. But anyways ddos was always a big problem for darkc0de. Later on due to the busy schedule of the core team members and the over crowd of kiddies bee lining for their exploits and tools got the hacker in chaos. Many of them were even got arrested by FBI, legal issues were on rise and thus the core team faded away. After a long time today they gave the reason for excitement.

Seeing d3 again today and that too in action is a big kick and I am sure just like me other guys will be excited too.

Let us meet again on the irc #darkc0de and let’s begin something new

Darkness will never Forsake me

Welcome guys……… keep rocking

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