Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Calling someone terrorist is really fucking lame thing and worse is telling to prove that it is true. Few days ago Kislay chaudhary circulated some ‘cut out’ of his and some Samad kazi dialogs; frankly speaking I don’t know who this moron kislay is, and whose that samad is. Way back samad kazi ( I hope real One) sent me mail asking about my book cyber terror. He wanted to extent his support by adding some info about his virtual girlfriend who was from one of the reputed Hindu activist group. This girlfriend of his used to provide him info of Indian Hacker (all taza taza news), though that time I refused to seek info from him.

On an average, in a day I receive minimum 600 mail and they from all over the globe. And here I want to emphasize on one thing, they all are hackers from various countries including Pakistan too. That dose not means you are supporting China or Pakistan. I am journalist and researcher; I have freedom to interact with concerned people as long as they are not anti national elements.

Today Exactly at around 2.30 pm I received call form Kishlay responding to the invite sent by me for our 1st may event. Then he connected me to some police guy (as per kislay the other guy on conf was police). It’s high time that kislay chaudhary like people should change their focus for doing something good; I have immense faith on Indian Judiciary and police. But there is small doubt, can a police really talk and act like this? Can a police officer who is commissioner possess such a bad intellect? That so called police was teaching me laws over phone and questioned things concerning kislay ( made me laugh out loud) Why he need to teach me law over phone? How does he know that I have event on 1st? More over why was he so much concerned over false accusations.

Please spare me from such pranks; kislay is not even qualified to be my enemy? Now I am sure he must have gone and messed with cross border hackers as he messed with hackers of India and they must be playing pranky praky with him, or he must be making issues over nothing. To say ‘hussss’ to a crow, gun is not needed …please consult some good doctor. You need treatment man.

Oh! Mai mai I was rolling on the floor, when that so called officer was threatening me to arrest and reach my office and asked to write chief minister and so on. Why a police officer had to tell me that he is not scared of any minister? Why he has to tell what he can do? Why he has to talk like an underworld don? And on who’s complaints? Kislay? :P

I wonder how come police has so much time to come on conference and threaten a journalist and accuses her on baseless gossips. Oh! Its high time police should think twice before letting ear to such weak threads. This is virtual world, here any one can be Samad and anyone can be kislay. And anyone can talk about Cat. Who is going to investigate the right and wrong?

The continuing harassment of investigative journalist is subject of concern, I being an editor of the India-based independent newspaper, has come across many such issues over my coverage of a case involving police officers, ministry officials and now these wasted interest people. As an independent journalist done my duty by doing my research work. If hackers around globe are cat fans, then it is not my fault. Even today they all stood by me..
Proud of you guys and thanks for showing faith in me…

Envy, lust, greed, gully, not shall rob or kill, Embrace this path and you, gonna find the darkest light...I am not scared of anyone and anything as long as I am not wrong. Stop bulling people; you cannot hold every one at a time.

People of the cyber space beware,

It is here in human form

An atrocity laced with greed.

Filled with evil intentions.

Ready to attack

Look to the air for stories to choose,

Who will be your next victim

Profitting on visions of others,

Dark emotions run through it's veins

Its motives are false it's mind is insane

A distant planet with no signs of life

To become a home for this alien breed.

Hackers of the world unite,

Your services are more than needed

This creature in human form is out of control

Looks can be deceiving, see beyond the shell

Flesh and eyes mean nothing.

The truth, time it will tell

Before you think you fool the world.

What comes around goes around.

Shown for what you are, a waste of life

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