Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kislay Cahudhary and Fake Police

see in one cutting he is confessing bout police officer and other one shows how many fake profiles of one person created by kislay...........

Since two day kislay created a big drama over face book. He is been telling everyone that he is working with Jammu and Kashmir CBI. More over if you listen to the tape carefully the guy introduced to me as police commissioner is not even an ordinary havaldar. His details as given below

0perator Airtel, Name: Irfan,

S/o: Bashir Ahmed,

R/o: Shakh Pora Budgam

Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir.

This Irfan guy has nothing to do with police department, very soon read the story why he called cat? Who he is and why helping kislay? Where is he from? And the intentions of Kishlay, Guys be careful he is bullying every hacker in the name of police and CBI. Wait for his more details…

So far Kislay’s call records shows he has called many hacker’s and blackmailed them over various issues, he is using his organization to blackmail hackers and create deter. He can’t do anything to anyone, So far I never went legal against any one, because I always believed in harmony, but now it’s high time, if anyone had grudges against Kislay or if you are also harassed like me please come forward. Have faith in Indian Judiciary; let us hoot out such mockers.

Be fearless and live like King

Kislay is exposed by his Karma…

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