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WikiLeaks hacker 'The Jester' to blame for Westboro DDoS attacks

Things not seen by many - > Anonymous N th3j35t3r

Infamous hacker ->The Jester<-(anti-jihadi hacker) has claimed responsibility for the distributed denial of-service attacks which crashed the web site run by the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. It was widely reported last week that Anonymous sent an open message to Fred Phelps and his family at Westboro Baptist Church last week. The hacker collective supposedly put the Phelp clan on notice. Anonymous later posted an emergency press release on the same site saying that Westboro wrote the initial letter itself in an attempt to entrap the hacking group. In an online debate on the David Pakman show, an Anonymous spokesperson denied that it was directly responsible. A spokesperson for Westboro Baptist Church taunted the Anonymous spokesperson to the point that the Anonymous group posted a message during the interview.

IT HAS NOW EMERGED THAT ' PATRIOTIC HACKER' The Jester was responsible for the attack.

-The jester-

The Jester, who it is suspected has strong military connections, first came to light during the WikiLeaks US cable saga when he took the site down for the leaks, which he considered had put US soldiers' lives at risk. The Jester is known for his prior attacks on militant jihadi websites, and his innovative DoS technique in which he employs an application-level attack that exploits an inherent flaw in the majority of servers which can be executed with one single low-spec machine. his campaign against militant Islamic websites, and now reveals the development of an automated version of his DoS attack, which he calls the XerXeS project.The Jester’s intentions are explained in detail on his blog, in a post dating from September. In the post, the Jester describes the flaws of Wikileaks’ “insurance policy,” which consisted of making available an encrypted file, supposedly containing the secret documents that were leaked afterward. The file is useless without a decryption key, which would be provided by Wikileaks in case someone takes the site down .The Jester said at the time that it took down WikiLeaks ‘for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops and other assets' XerXes uses a graduated attack - which usually takes a site down in less than 30seconds .but if it can't take the target out in 30 seconds, it triggers the al and adjusts the attack.

Westboro Baptist Church has made a name for itself by staging vocal protests at the funerals of U.S. military members killed in action, though the message delivered at the protests are generally anti-homosexual in nature and have little to do with the conflicts in the Middle East. Anonymous members and The Jester have publicly traded jabs for several months, each threatening to undermine and expose the other's operations.

There has been a lot more coverage of the “hacktivist” group called Anonymous, as the group has gained notoriety from recent activity. There are rumors that Anonymous had acquired a new target. A website loosely affiliated with Anonymous had an open letter posted, which issued a stern warning to the Westboro Baptist Church. However, seems like to not be entirely genuine. Members of Anonymous have asserted the group has larger priorities than the little church known for its hate speech. Although, it wouldn't be a surprise if someone took out a pay day loan to use in their efforts to stop Westboro, it isn't hacktivist.
Strangely enough, they may have had a meeting of the minds when it comes to their mutual disdain for the Westboro Baptist Church, and it will be interesting to see if there is any subsequent softening of the rhetoric between the two parties.

_________some old jigs describes ____________
thejester posted a message to #anon00ps on his blog saying

'A small team of A players can run circles round a giant team of B and C players.’ – Steve Jobs Well it’s been a really interesting December. As most of you will be aware, I have taken a break from my usual activities to play with Anonymous/Op Payback. And in turn they have been [...]'

(according to the media) anon is having so much trouble trying to find out who exactly The Jester is

A - he started jerking the jihadis’ chains when he came back from Afghanistan, had time on his hands, wanted to keep his hand in the game while waiting for his next contract. Suspect he was a contractor in Afghanistan doing Information Operations, and that he got that gig because of active duty experience in Special Forces, Psychological Operations, Signal or possibly Civil Affairs.

Assuming the above speculation is fairly close to the truth, more or less, one might further speculate that Assange pissed The Jester off and he did unto Wikileaks as he had done unto jihadislong back Anonymous Turns Operation Payback Towards 'The Jester'.the more direct reason was may be the attack on wikileaks by 'jester'

Anonymous is claiming that it was The Jester that took the sites down, not them.whatever both are against wbc. Thejester is a Jester for all the “BAD GUYS” and Anonymous r defenders of truth and justice, both fights for justice and bad guys! even though they don't work together but they fight for same objective... this make The Jester and Anonymous friends now

I support the Jester! and i do support anonymous - keep up the great work!
the Jester is walking a fine line and anonymous always with it.., i also like that every time someone else supports Jester,
the Anonymous, we are many n growing everyday

I salute you for your contributions.

- Open your heart and speak out ... comments are welcome

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