Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hackers are a great predictor of the future

Hacker5 got three precious awards in four months of its publication. Initially we were very much confused when we started this magazine. None of us were hacker, we were just new to this filed and the groups of hackers associated with it were newbees too and so they misused this platform. This magazine was started with an intention to provide platform to hackers and voice their opinion. But section of hackers in Hacker5 team had disputes over holding powers; finally they were evicted because management was not in a position to compromise with the reputation of this magazine.
Show must go on, no matter some come some go, every beginning has a hitch and that hiccup is the foot hold for further growth, r45c4l ( Gaurav Singh) came in and took charge as associate editor and things fell in place. Good writers started contributing. That's how we not only got settled but also gained popularity, readership and appreciations.
Now our Magazine is reaching almost every possible city. Apart from this we have 1,985 individual subscribers for the same. This month onwards we will be seen in Indian airlines flight too. We could also reach Nullcon by sponsoring hacker's seminar in Goa. Now, the magazine has reached to some level of standards and has its own committed reader.
If society, and life itself for that matter, always move towards that far unseen shore of discovery, then it is the process of extrapolation, that immeasurably small dance of creation, which propels it ever forward to the bigger breakthroughs. We now live, thankfully, in a world where innovative ideas, regardless of their origin, are rewarded instead of being suppressed as they were in the past. Here's a good illustration of what I'm talking about. Medieval notions quite often laid waste brilliant discoveries that were stated in haste, But the world is round one cried while in a heretics fire he fried,
For his theories were just not in good taste.
Those who enjoy experimenting with hacking explore software and hardware more than a security persona; the most important fact is that hackers work on new technologies for the sheer enjoyment of it. They have ability to exploit possible best technologies available in the market. Programmers who remixed data from different websites well before Web companies started offering similar applications and services, and the community wireless networks created long before Wi-Fi was a common feature in coffee shops and homes.
As for current activities that might make the mainstream in the future, money is on hardware hacking and collective intelligence. The projects like the Quake Catcher Network, which uses standard laptop sensors to detect earthquakes. This is a very different future in which all of these applications are being driven by sensors. We are moving out of the world in which people typing on keyboards will drive collective intelligence applications. It's high time we need to take a call to apply such technologies to the more serious problems facing the world, such as those presented by climate change. The Man Watching," which concludes, "Winning does not tempt that man.
Coming back to the point, I would like to again emphasize this magazine is platform for every hacker to display his skill, voice his opinion and fulfill his dreads as write.

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