Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hacker5 to conduct security seminar for all hackers,students and corporate sectors- special lectures by Rascal,Javed and cattechie

securing India (Awareness Workshop on ethical hacking and Information security)

Our basic concern is to aware our Young generation from upcoming online threats to move towards secure India by empowering our country through education medium lets be unite and tell our enemy countries we are Indian's not a easy bolt to crack

The most popular information security and hacking training would go in-depth into the techniques used by malicious, black hat hackers and the dangers they pose. While these hacking skills can be used for malicious purposes, this class would teach how to use the same hacking techniques to perform a white-hat, ethical hack, on one’s organizations. One would leave with the ability to quantitatively assess and measure threats to information assets; and discover where his organization is most vulnerable to hacking in this network security training course.The goal of this seminar is to help one master a repeatable, documentable penetration testing methodology that can be used in an ethical penetration testing or hacking situation. This ethical security training course has a significant Return on Investment as you gain knowledge of ethical hacking and walk out with skills that are highly in demand in today’s digital world.Nowadays with the increased advancement of technology, cyber threats too have taken a modern form. At one side where computers have made our day to day lives easier and faster, on the other hand it has also become a tool to many people for committing various criminal activities.

why should it required ?

We believe that next world war is not fight by arms or atom bombs its cyberwar result may be drawn our country 20 years back. So we are preparing our country for securing them self

Another big issue of our country is employment there is huge gape between a good education and employment all courses are so much theoretical that cant fill the requirement of upcoming industry need we design a very good syllabus to reduce the gap between eduction and employment as much is possible

"NASSCOM predicts requirement of 1,88,000 professionals by the year 2010. Currently the number of security professionals in India is around 22,000."

What do you expect from Hacking classes and seminar?

More practical less theory
live demo

New and latest technology

Knowledge about Cyber Terrorism

Use of manual methods rather then use of automated tools

Who should attend ?
IT Students & Professionals

Network Engineers

System Administrators
Every Indian how using computer


Only basic knowledge of computer and Internet required

Course benefits

Our approach is to aware common population to fight against cybertarisum

online threats and there cure
Good and respective carer

Workshop Duration18 hours

Certification PolicyCertificate will be given to participants on completion of workshop.

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