Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am CAT... they are COPYCAT

T he whole Hackers community knows that there is only one Cat and she is most loved and hated by everyone around. I understand the sentiments of hackers that’s why never take things to heart. Now since I started Hacker5 and our cyber security company hackers have become an integral part of my life. This article is just to read and enjoy but not to attack any DP or profile please don’t misunderstand me again. There is one common factor in our Hindi film industry and Face book community of hackers, and that is copying names or making profiles with all famous names. Code Breaker known name in hacking, now if you see there are many such root code, code cracker, code this code that. Same goes with bolly- wood also, one Nagin movie got famous; there after hundreds of Nagins were out to release. Cheetah, tiger, lion, dog all in multiple numbers, every third profile is Hexor and sometimes sequels. Like my bro Chota hacker, he has five Chota Hacker accounts with white cap, red cap, black cap, then no cap, and so on.

When I wanted to choose my handle, as so many times I wrote on blog some rat techie use to bother me and that’s how I got Cat techie name to tease him. Since this cat entered hackers’ world, there was no other cat, it’s only me. This cat was loved, abused, humiliated, attacked, understood misunderstood and messed. Whenever Cat was addressed that was none other than me, but now I feel relaxed. Look at face book community there is one Cat Hacker recentely born, till yesterday it was holding mouse in mouth, today his DP is indicating as if he had loose motions and suffering with malaria. Blue cat, cat rose, revenge cat, wild cat….oh ho ho there are so many cats around. It becomes difficult to understand who is addressing which cat? Today my little friend Kai farmer surprised me when I saw his DP, it was cat not Kai the hat wala. There are hundreds of ‘roots’ hackers, haxors, coders, angles, and now cats too.
One hilarious thing I would like to share here, we created a group called NBC Parivar, initially joined everyone to the group, some fake profiles as usual made entries of some more fakes. Their job is to abuse cat on NBC wall, and create big drama. Some Kissle, some Mahit, some unique news some bunny baghelas, some ICA some in the shell, all groups have common agenda. I am immune to it, but these poor profiles uses to express their grief and we use to through that bugger out of group. He used to make come back with his fake again entry with new dialogs, new dictionary of slangs. I used to be surprised how they can come in like this, finally started doubting intentions of Face Book admin. Later realized the saga of fakes in group, these profiles was assigned agents of this extremists and NBC wall was outlet to their hidden emotions. The whole episode was like comedy circus, though most of them are not of presentable quality; just pure rubbish. Some use innocent four- five years baby’s face as DP and talk like 40 yrs old brat and abuse randomly on wall. I feel pity for those innocent kids.

This is how their journey of shameful imitation of anything thus begins in the morning. Nowadays, they use all group walls to puke their anger and voice their anger. They just crawl one wall to another, one group to another and if not tired then they land in each ones private message. Some of them they literally translate the Hindi slang to English. This is the present day scenario. This way if they want they can produce a fakes even in a fortnight. They have lost their originality. I wonder how these people get so much time in doing all this. Are they really sensible enough citizens of our country?

Till today only profile names were copied but now group names are also copied and registered. A time will come where you will be compelled to say vaidehi cat said so and so to, so and so cat hacker..

If this continues …I am sure, you will crave for more!

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