Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anti-sec - group of hackers to keep security

Anti-sec is the group of underground hackers; and they are here with the cause. They say big no to promoting Hacking related open materials and making it a child’s play. This is probably the revulsion to combat evil trends in cyber arena and control over this deservedly elite occupation which has been encroached by larger commercial groups such as virus creators, antivirus producers, that the movement is more a rebellion against that. This group came in lime light after hacking “imageShack’ one of the most popular image hosting service in the cyber world. Anti-Sec Movement, staunchly dedicated to the eradication of “full disclosure” hacked this world’s largest image hosting site, played around with their own ideas and they replaced the images uploaded by users with that of their own, which is supposedly the image of the manifesto of ‘their movement’. The entire visual display was rounded off with the message “no images were harmed in the making of this.. Image.”

Anyways nobody could deny their abilities after the attack of milw0rm. Anti-secs want to keep security - in particular, exploits - private. In way they are right because inj3ct0rs were getting bad name because of open display of exploits. There are evidences that the exploits were used by antinationalist for elicit purpose. Milw0rm is their nemesis. There's a discernible political bent to their writings and ratings. While we see a general shift on the internet towards the idea that "information just wants to be free", the anti-sec people don't agree with this when it comes to matters of security. From a white-hat point of view, they're saying that full disclosure actually causes more damage than if only a select few, capable, and not necessarily malevolent, people were to know about any particular exploit. So far it’s not clear that there's a tad of immaturity and insecurity in these people or they really want to work in the interest of cyber security, and one should appreciate that. The common claim of the Movement is that “full disclosure is the disclosure of exploits publicly - anywhere.” the security industry for making profit due to “full-disclosure” with “scare tactics” that were intended to make the public purchase anti-virus software and firewalls. Well, with their daring “heist”, the members surely have managed to across loud and clear the gist of their intention.

In other terms you can say this movement is kind of fight or crusade against the traditional for-profit computer security industry. They think that publicizing security holes and those hole's exploits causes more pain than it helps. They also seem to be kind of anti-capitalist and are very talented security researchers. Antisec are the kind of amazing group of hackers who don't want profit from fear. Generally Hackers are known for creating deterrence, fear and penetrations. Here is this group to sabotage such intentions of Dark side of cyber world. There are so many myths and misconceptions about them but the fact is that they at least have credibility. These guys are sticking to their guns and keeping the hacking underground just that, underground. Anti-sec is a response to the fear-mongering era of 1998 - 2004 when every hanger-on wannabe computer guy became a security researcher and started publishing "advisories". Between dotcom bubble eras to 9/11, everybody was a security guy, and not only that, but the "security guy" was pointing the finger at the hacker community every time a script kiddie defaced some web page. Those most sec guys are snake-oil salesmen and absolutely deserve no sympathy. If they're gonna bad-mouth hackers and promise protection to everyone then let them protect themselves from the real Hackers; by and large, they're out-gunned and out-skilled.

There are many so called security ( tech or defense agencies) minting money over suing the tag of Hacker, they have made it business, every year thousand of hackers are (youngsters) manufactured in their so called industry but still nation lacks hundreds of security personals towards national security. This is irony and here is need of someone to stop these ‘manufacturers of hackers’, I think hackers like Anti sec are the proper takers on these morons. Anti-sec doesn't go after civilians, by the way. The another biggest threat today is there are hundreds of exploit writers around the globe, One group publishes exploits and carries out mayhem for fun so make such high profile hacks were attempted just because of open display of these exploits. It doesn't matter what they are or what they do and why they do the most important thing is they are here with the Cause, and that is nothing but the security at large.
The Anti Security Movement or popularly written as Anti-sec is a popular movement opposed to the computer security industry. It attempts to censor the publication of information relating to but not limited to: software vulnerabilities, exploits, exploitation techniques, hacking tools, attacking public outlets and distribution points of that information. Movement followers have cited websites such as Security Focus, Security team, Packet Storm Security, and milw0rm to be targets of their cause, as well as mailing lists like "full-disclosure", "vuln-dev", "vendor-sec" and bugtraq, as well as public forums and IRC channels. The start of most public attacks in the name of the anti-security movement started in around 1999 and 2000. The "anti-security movement" as it is understood today was coined by the following document which was initially an index on the website. The purpose of this movement is to encourage a new policy of anti-disclosure among the computer and network security communities. The goal is not to ultimately discourage the publication of all security-related news and developments, but rather, to stop the disclosure of all unknown or non-public exploits and vulnerabilities. In essence, this would put a stop to the publication of all private materials that could allow script kiddies from compromising systems via unknown methods.

A common misconception is that if groups or individuals keep exploits and security secrets to themselves, they will become the dominators of the "illegal scene", as countless insecure systems will be solely at their mercy. This is far from the truth. Forums for information trade, such as Bugtraq, Packetstorm,, and vuln-dev have done much more to harm the underground and net than they have done to help them. This was one of the first anti-security hacktivist groups. The group waged war on the security industry with their popular assault known asAnti-Sec. In a nutshell, this group doesn't like websites that promote security. If a website provides different methods for safety then Anti-Sec wants to blank their site. They want to take away the ability of organizations to sell their services.

No one knows about this group so far, they don’t have any sort of forum or website or any traces where the members can be located, and if someone clames about knowing them, then It can subject to doubt. The kinds of hacks they have performed and beguile they blown against bigwigs are not in a mood to spare them, maintaining anonymity is compulsion for them. Still it’s very much interesting and leaves the reason to think about their agenda and activities. Bravo guys..

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