Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jeff Moss sold Black Hat to CMP Media

It will just be background noise, or a constant low-intensity battle going on between hacking groups. Legislation is not going to stop it because it's basically a technical problem. After the recent incidence of CBI site getting hacked by the Pakistani hackers, I felt that India too should have one like Jeff Moss, a black hat hacker. As we have entered a new phase of dependence on the internet, we have moved beyond consumer oriented shopping sites, addicting puzzle places, and social networking platforms. The internet has become the default platform to rally support for political candidates, voice dissent with the status quo, expose governmental misdeeds, spread news from citizen to citizen, and, if necessary, plan civil disobedience. These are the very underpinnings of civil society and governance. Sure it is nice to search Amazon for a new movie to buy, but that pales in comparison when you can participate in the debate and election of a new president. These days, I am busy doing intense research on cyber crime, underground forums, and what has come in my way and hooked my attention is inj3ct0rs, the amazing brains but the curse for cyber security. During my search, once I landed at milw0rm, and JF name came across me. His profile was so attractive that it really impressed me. Actually I wanted some info about Jeff moss. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about him amongst hackers. While some says that he never comes across people, some others say that he hides his face while addressing seminars. Few say that nobody is aware of his age, his face, and his existence. <>Jeff Moss, also known as The Dark Tangent, is the founder of the Black Hat and DEF CON computer hacker conferences. Moss graduated from Gonzaga University with a BA in Criminal Justice. He worked for Ernst & Young, LLP in their Information System Security division and was a director at Secure Computing Corporation where he helped establish the Professional Services Department in the United States, Asia, and Australia. In 2005 Jeff Moss sold Black Hat to CMP Media, a subsidiary of UK-based United Business Media, for a reported $13.9 million USD. DEF CON was not included in the sale. In 2009 Moss was sworn in to the Homeland Security Advisory Council of the Barack Obama administration. About 4,500 hackers have attended his various conferences over the past three years, but the actual number of hackers is much higher, He says political-motivated hacking will continue to escalate and more countries will get involved.

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