Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hacker between Wikileaks, attempts at censorship and chaos

Rob Gonggrijp, founder of the Amsterdam provider XS4ALL , hacker scene said at the opening of the 27th Chaos Communication Congress ( 27C3 ) in Berlin on Monday that the coming years after the by Wikileaks triggered the Cable Gate are simply not quite mastered. The publication of hundreds of thousands of previously classified as secret U.S. diplomatic papers "is pressure to increase internet censorship," said the former editor of Hack-Tic . The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies pressed for a new law on Internet surveillance, after which they Provider encrypted communication in plain text would have passed already. Overall, attempts to deprive the world, internet freedoms, including freedom of information massively restrict. The hacker community share the principles of Wikileaks, but not all their relatives were in a "war" with a superpower, Gonggrijp said: "We do not compromise the freedom of expression." The Dutchman criticized in this sense, the union activists Anonymous . It does not work, the server PayPal or Mastercard, the Wikileaks spinning off of the money supply, short term tie up and little attention to direct an order. Real "hackers" would but at least not their real names in the metadata can be sent out press releases here, quipped Gonggrijp. Those who do not have enough "maturity" as a traveler reaches have data yet, should be better not to connect to the network. For the hacker to enter rulers and citizens with similar whistleblower Wikileaks and Internet platforms in the new territory together. "Many politicians recognize that their advisers to tell them not to what is going on." Is the tax they had in hand, but it could not really move, let alone turn things around. The most sought therefore looking engine only halfway relaxed and hope "that the accident happened later." This opening sets the stage for tens of thousands of spin doctors who examined her speed to sell the truth to the public. Hackers and geeks would not know all the answers to the current problems, but had at least parts of it. remained generally Gonggrijp in his skeptical view of 2005 that the hacking community after 11 September 2001 and then built up the monitoring infrastructure, "lost the war" did. He sees the consequences but not as fatal as it was five years ago. It will probably a bit "chaotic" in the coming years - and many news sites would look similar, as is already the conspiracy specialized in the hacker's Blog Fefe . The data not only travelers from the Chaos Computer Club ( CCC ), the conference traditionally held after the Christmas understood, but already slightly better than the rest of the world, "how does chaos" and to master it. Also, a small group of thoughtful people could thus change the world, but before were still enough slots available. Gonggrijp therefore considers it important, and trust between hackers to strengthen cohesion. He advocated for it, even the annual meeting in more and more from all seams bursting Berliner Congress Center ( bcc ) at Alexanderplatz "can grow to be careful" and to seek a larger venue. This year CCC had the much sought after around 4,000 tickets available for four days for 70 € per piece only available in advance among the people brought. The Congress was thus well within a few hours before sold out, single day tickets will only be on Tuesday in manageable quantities to give it. This was despite the streaming offers too much "fresh blood" from outside the conference held and prevented from visiting, complained Gonggrijp. That the Chaos Communication Congress with an increase to a similar fate befall the event as a mass without great networking factor decried Defcon in Las Vegas, believes the veteran hackers do not like. These have been at a lower number of visitors on a problem of booze and too many participants from military and government also suffered. Jeremie Zimmermann, spokesman for the civil rights group La Quadrature du Net warned, also warned that "increasing power" politics and economics from attacking the network. This copyright will, above all, the hook of "piracy" and the enforcement effort, as the negotiations on the disputed ACTA showed. "We have a battle to beat the heads, called Zimmermann, therefore the hackers. This is about staking psychological frameworks. to make clear "is about is to exchange and share" culture that promotes. Culture and knowledge, ultimately exist only if they were shared. Wikileaks assured full support to Zimmer. courtasy- heise online CATTECHIE HERE AGAIN

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