Monday, December 27, 2010

Who mortgaged hackers?

S ince two days my inbox was barged with so many questions and so many queries about my authenticity. I felt very bad but somewhere even I was solaced to see that the one who raised question is at least giving me benefit of doubt. This post is for all those people who gave me benefit of doubt.
The first query, are they going to be arrested? The answer is big NO! If they don’t mess….First place why anyone should be arrested? Second, why they think that they can be arrested? It’s your guilt or subconscious mind hinting you about the crime you committed as a hacker; I am not going to spoil anyone’s life.. if I cannot do anything good for you. And that is my promise provided stop politicking with me.
Yes I confess, I did social engineering at initial stage to gather information about hackers, as a reporter or in better words I being a writer really don’t need to be a hacker to write about you and your world. I write crime stories, political development and try making it simple for my readers. Yet to write with some level of perfection it’s necessary for me to understand the basics of that particular subject else the depth and readability would be at stake. If I do mistake in providing genuine information Next time you won’t take me serious.
Today, the so called hackers who are becoming your guards and your messiahs by dragging me and my integrity in mess are none other than the one who even dragged you in mess. I never knew about the inner scenario of ICA, ICW or AH. Carding or the crime you commit or the handle that you use and your original names and your present status, all this became possible for me because you’re so called well wishers already mortgaged your life in a wasted greed’s and provided me every crucial information about you.( Which can be subject to judicial inquiries if I go legal) If you want me to publish those recordings I am more than happy to narrate you how these people played with your emotions keeping you in illusions. If he wouldn’t have helped me, I am damn sure reaching R4sc4l, sai satish and lord wouldn’t have been possible for me. It’s your own fraternity sabotaging your integrity not me. I am a writer came in your way for some investigations and I did fair enough with my profession. Same happened with the inj3ct0rs too. One of the injector became our source and put you in mess.
Who are these sources? The sources are none other than your leaders whom you trust more than yourself and second source my co writer, who is been busy these days telling people how bad I am. Who is convincing you all about my frauds( which I never did) I knew I am playing with fire so I took all sort of precautions, recently a guy of indishell did carding and shared those details with another so called brand hacker, and the information reached to me ( for which I have proof). Suppose I file a petition and ask judiciary to act on provided information by your leads, tell me where would you land? As a writer if I am doing some crime by gathering your information then my co writer is equally a criminal for betraying your trust and mortgage your life in my hand. Why don’t you seek answers from him?
I alone even for that matter any reporter is incomplete without a source or a thread in investigations, I am taking so many accusations from all wasted people today but never ever exposed my fraternity members let it be jyestha or saloni. You would be surprised even my co-writer couldn’t reach them so far the reason I was damn sure if my co-writer can sabotage you, he can even sabotage my people any time. The level of secrecy I maintained with my people you can’t even imagine. I would like to say thanks to Harun a Pakistani hacker, who indicated me this situation before I land in mess. He rightly said if a hacker can sabotage his own community, he can sabotage you any time. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
The so called well wishers who are boasting about your welfare today have already exposed you, which is irreparable. More over recently they compromised my personal computer, and hacked my blog, misused my face book account, my mail ids by sending mails to the dignitaries of this country, all that is been recorded. I gave them total 72 hours to rule my personal computer. I may be dumb but not fool. 24/7 their telephones were trapped, there are so many people worked on this issue and they are none other than your own people. The hacker who physically helped me tracing sai satish is today included in the team of Andhra Hackers. Your own enemy is your friend. At-least I am vocal and honest about confessing my stake.
And dear hackers, this is what the actual confession…. the message published on hacked blog by hackers was not by me. They tried satisfying their ego by doing this, but they could not damage this FAT CAT…. The way they took different screen shorts, the way they tagged the pics with other hackers was something hilarious. When there is lots of darkness under your own ass…. please stop pointing others ass.
Controversy and me walk like shadows, there are few yellow bloggers, wrote about me something two years back when I was juggling between my journalism and law profession, they couldn’t digest the success and made a post on me, which was recently circulated amongst all the hackers just to show how bad I am. You repeated the same by posting messages on my hacked blog. Today I have 2000 cat blogs, if you say I will put them on, please hack it…because you have time and I don’t have that.
2008 and today 2010, that time I was struggling to earn my monthly salary when that hate blog was written, today I pay 180 staff. I keep burning fire in their kitchen. Their families bless me for whatever I am. I feel proud to be a provider at my age. What is your position?
Sadly, many of the hackers are yet students and strugglers. I and my co- researcher are well settled in our lives with our own entity. When he was sharing the dais to launch “CYBER TERROR” he never had a hitch of quilt for putting you all in trouble. He was enjoying party with celebrities probably he could have never met them in his entire life. The hacker who recently accompanied me to receive award for Hacker5, was not even bothered to invite the person who got him in. This is your unity; this is what you all are. I am still the same as I was. In my field the more infamous the more popular you are. Every controversy is complimentary for me.
I am not scared of that bunch of so called hackers those daring me to expose or do blogging on me, damn fools….go ahead and do whatever you can. Few days ago lucky openly warned me of ruining my life, my co-researcher passed indirect message saying if I won’t stop they will do blogging on me. Whatever I am but one thing I must say I am sure, I am not a criminal, or an antisocial element. Max to max what can they do? I am already a public figure and my readers and the biggies of this society knew everything about me. I hold seven publications and daily news papers, to make my stand clear I need no platform. It’s not about what is written it’s about who has written? And you many not know blogging is subject to defamation in the terms of law, go and ask the blogger who once dared so.
But what if I go against you? The so called recordings provided by your own people need to prove it to court of law about what they said, the evidences and papers collected and handover to me by my co writer needs to be proven in court of law, I won’t come in trouble, it’s you going to pay for. And pay heavy… that’s my open challenge to you. Yes about money transactions nobody can disagree because whatever expenses I made, for whatever reason it’s done with full proof.
So far I tried keeping cool and always rendered a helping hand, but you failed to understand my kindness. My post is warning to all those hackers messing with my life…please don’t forget I am a lawyer and well prepared with case study, you also arrange someone for your defense, else don’t blame me for not altering you. Now one single bad move from your side may spoil the life of so many hackers, and that is just because of you and you only…………
This time not a cattechie


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